An underlying thought in Bettina Nelson's design practice is the idea of the intrinsic movement, a movement within the self that often occurs as an emotional reaction to a specific moment. Her challenge is finding this moment, identifying and understanding it, and having it materialize into a visual object accessible to herself and others.

Space + Something - The Intrinsic Movement

Her text Space + Something is about visualizing the physical equivalent to an intrinsic movement experienced at Il Faro di Capo Grosso, an abandoned lighthouse situated on Levanzo, the smallest of the three Aegadian islands on the Sicilian coast. Though having been empty for a long time, she felt the place was alive, open and welcoming, yet full of integrity and something else that was hard to explain. The text is presented as a dialogue between her and the lighthouse as a tribute to their quiet relationship.

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Camino del Sol

The text Camino del Sol is the process documentation of the materialization of an intrinsic movement evoked by the song Camino del Sol (Atena, 1982), which resulted in the object Camino del Sol – Sol 5.

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